Hi Lanu, At first I was feeling not a part of your story - then you said this great quote, which I do feel. I was born during the 1930s Great Depression in a very poor neighborhood. My mother was fantastic and taught us how to be comfortable on little. As a piece-work stitcher in the 1940s and 50s garment factories I made more (proportunately) than others around me. and it was more than I paid myself (proportuately) as CEO of a small corporation. It was very successful because I innovated production systems of high quality fashions with less costs…

Shira Ovide said in the New York Times, and I say in my article, “The Slow Evolution of Change”

Shira Ovide, On Tech, New York Times, August 16, 2021

Shira Ovide says, “Technology is part of the solution, but mostly we have to find the answers through collective human will and effective action.” Then she lists the specific world problems. Some might be resolved by collectives — some can not.

1. Coronavirus pandemic and Climate change: I too believe that answers to these two problems can only be achieved through collective human will. But the other world problems that she lists, will never be accomplished by a collective or the…

“Lady Death … On one side what is living, on the other, what is dying. She means to take action. She means to maintain a balance,” Jen Gippel PhD

Transformation from Deepak Chopra — Photo by Krzystof Niewolny on Unsplash

There are many perspectives about death: from all the various religions, scientists, intellectuals, poets, celebrities, etc. There are none that I know of that have a common belief base for all. This leaves us with the conclusion that most beliefs are rather unique to the individuals — just as our bodies and lives are unique — similar in some ways and different in others.

Unfortunately most people’s fear of death is…

We share this, Lanu!! I, too, was brought up in the Methodist Church, I taught in its Sunday School as a teen, and my mother died in the church in 1963. Although I left formal religion for spirituality, I too loved the Methodists' hymns - and ofte sing them to myself at times. I have a picture of my Methodist Hymnal that a friend gave to me in 1960. I will send by email,because I can't seem to add it here. Thank you, Lanu, and sending lots of love.

Accepting that idea brings understanding and peace of mind

Slow change in fall leaves — Photo by Chris Lawton, Unsplash

I have been a speed demon, mentally, most of my life. Can I possibly slow my speeding mind as I age, nearing my ninth decade?

Nothing changes fast. It is a speeding mind, darting to and fro, that doesn’t see the slow changes in each and every area of life. Slowing the mind gives us time to understand change.

Understanding is knowledge without prejudice, which becomes wisdom

In my 70s, with age, I was forced to learn how to slow my fast physical movements. …

Spirit-Energy is in everything, physical and non-physical

Spirit-Energy in Nature, sharing from one species to another — Photo from MIT Tech Review

Spirit-Energy in Nature

Darshak Rana: “If we can learn to create a beautiful and healthy relationship with nature, we can sustain our happiness and peacefulness for a longer time.”

Spirit-Energy as Love

Darshak Rana: “Love is like the air beneath the bird’s wings — That empowers others to fly and sing”

Spirit-Energy, Inner Self

@Ryan : ”Inside each of us is that pure energy. It’s there before our bodies come into being, and it’ll be there when that body decays in the ground. It is never born and will never die. That energy is eternal and unites us all

Steven Gambardella: “We…

Darshak Rana quotes the Buddha: “Attachment is the source of all suffering.

Photo by author, July 30, 2021, Blue Hills

Yesterday was a very difficult day. My thoughts were whirling around in my mind of all my possessions I seemed not able to get rid of. At 88, although healthy, I do not know how much longer I will live, and I have no children or close ones that would benefit from them. I have at least 100 of my high quality fashion apparel. With no attachment to fame, I cannot donate them to museums. With no attachment to money and marketing, selling is too difficult for me…

My history is the garment industry history

My designs in the 1960s, 70s and 80s — and the sewing machine mid 1800s

The inspiration for this article was Scott Kirsner’s “Innovation Economy”, Boston Globe July 6, 2021. He listed the many technologies started in Boston, one of which was the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine

The sewing machine, invented by Elias Howe in 1845, Boston Mass, was one of our first technologies — and began the industrial revolution.

When the sewing machine became industrialized around the end of the 19th century, it was the first step toward building the garment industry. The second step was when Jewish tailors in Boston first engineered the same patterns for many different…

Spiritual Intuition and Intellectual Cognition, working together

In Nature there is both an intellectual study of trees, rocks, water, etc. and awareness of spirituality in the insights

Decades ago, after a spiritual awakening, I experienced multiple personalities. I prefer to say many minds, because they each were different reactions to the outer world, yet had conversations with each other. It was as if the awakening was an incentive to sort out my life, feelings and thoughts. Gradually these differences merged into one mind of outer reality and another mind of a deepening spiritual reality.

Myths, when they are beliefs held too tightly, can be dangerous

1. Anchor Church, oldest in UK – — — — - 2. Chicheb itza, Mayan center – — — — — — 3. Disney Castle. Churches and castles hold many myths

Expressing and exploring creativity and new things is the best way to avoid getting caught into the web of myth and misinformation. Myths are stories meant to be enjoyed and often have messages. But they are not meant to be fought for or imposed on others.

The history of Humanity is written as the myth of superiority in religion, country, race and intelligence. This desire for power over others has caused all wars and battles. At my age, my mind is peaceful — but my love for Humanity and my spirituality impels me to study Humanity’s problems in many areas.

Shirley Willett

Book: “Past, Present, Future: Fashion Memoir, 70 Years, Design, Engineering, Education, Manufacturing & Technology” shirley@pastpresentfuturebook.com

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